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Monet Gold Tone Tassel Necklace & Bracelet Set

Monet Gold Tone Tassel Necklace & Bracelet Set

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Vintage 1980s stamped Monet gold tone tassel necklace and bracelet set. Perfect statement pieces! Wear them individually or together. Or my favorite - pair them with other pieces in your collection to get a funky and cool Iris Apfel look.

About the Designer:
Today, Monet is particularly prized by collectors for its quality. Thanks to triple-plating, it's not unusual for Monet pieces to last for decades without showing signs of wear on the finish. In addition, most Monet jewelry is marked with its name, like a fine jewelry manufacturer would do, which is unusual in the costume jewelry trade. (source: Collector's Weekly)

Era: 1980s

Bracelet length: approx 7"
Necklace length: approx 24"
Necklace neck drop: chain drops to 9" and tassel to 13"
(for best fit, measure the circumferance of your wrist and compare to the length)
Gold plated metal with rope chain.

Condition: Mint condition. Like new. No scratches, dents or tarnishing.

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