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Rare Antique Victorian Genuine Whitby Jet Link Necklace

Rare Antique Victorian Genuine Whitby Jet Link Necklace

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Absolutely stunning, genuine and rare Victorian Whitby Jet link necklace. Genuine Jet is a black semi-precious gemstone which is actually fossilized wood. Formed millions of years ago during the Jurassic period, Jet jewelry carries with it such a unique history. When a tree would die and fall into a swamp or river, thick layers of sand and mud would envelope the remains. Over time, the wood remains became compressed and "Jet" as we know it was born.

Jet jewelry became the height of fashion after Queen Victoria started wearing it when Prince Albert died in 1861. Original Jet necklaces from the Victorian era are becoming more and more hard to find, and thus are highly collectible. All of the first Jet jewelers from the late 1800s have now since passed; and as a result, the craft of making Jet jewelry as the Victorians did cannot be reproduced today.

Featuring hand cut links which have all been shaped and drilled by hand, this particular necklace shows masterful skill. Each link has been hand-drilled, and alternating links have small pins inserted in them so that they fit together. The entire necklace had to be assembled and then disassembled, and then re-assembled all over again in order to create a complete and stunning jet necklace.

Falls right below the collar bone.
Overall Length: 21"
Width of largest Link: 1.5"

Authenticity: This is a genuine Jet necklace from the Victorian era, date 1880. It has been appraised by Clars auction gallery. Features original enamel clasp.

Condition: Excellent and completely original condition. No repairs or replacements present. Has been cleaned. One small chip to one link towards right end of necklace (on the inside of the link and not visible to the normal eye).

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