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Lipstick Red 'Tisse a Paris' for Lilli Ann Vintage 1960s Swing Coat

Lipstick Red 'Tisse a Paris' for Lilli Ann Vintage 1960s Swing Coat

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This fabulous, and mint condition vintage Lilli Ann swing coat is a staple for the fashion lover! This coat is from the early 1960s, and is one of the designer's few original pieces designed and produced in Paris, France.

Lilli Ann was started in San Francisco in 1933 by Adolph Schuman, naming his company for his wife, Lillian. The company became known for their beautiful, elaborately designed suits and coats.

After WWII, Schuman went to France and it was during this time that the labels had “Paris” added to them. While in France, Schuman was buying fabrics, and many of the labels in Lilli Ann designs also contain the name of the French factory that made the fabric.

Many of these fabrics were bought from small textile companies that were in such financial straits after the war that they were in danger of closing. Schuman bought from these small companies, and was thus credited with saving many of them from financial ruin. For his efforts Schuman was awarded medals from both France and Italy, and the Lilli Ann customer got a suit made of high quality, hand-loomed fabric. (source: Vintage Fashion Guild)

Size: 8/10

Bust: 34-36"
Length: 36"
Hips: Free

Condition: Mint condition. No holes, marks, etc. The lining is perfect!
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