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Vintage 1940s

Classic and Chic 1940s WW2 Wool Skirt

Classic and Chic 1940s WW2 Wool Skirt

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Vintage 1940s wool rayon blend skirt featuring the classically tailored WW2 look. The design of this skirt is very iconic of the change in women's fashion from dainty and feminine in the 1930s to the strong and career oriented 1940s. Because of WW2, women took on more opportunities to go to work while their husbands and family were sent off to war. As a result, women's fashion changed, bringing on a much more menswear approach. Skirts, suits, jackets, and pants emerged with a high waist and a long, lean line. Great for curvier girls - the straight seams going down the front of the skirt really elongate your body making your hips look leaner. Pair this skirt with a tie-front cream silk blouse, some seamed leggings, red lipstick for the complete classic '40s look.

Size: 6/8

Waist: 28"
Hips: 36-39"
Length: 31"

Label: None.

Fabric: Wool/Rayon Blend

Condition: Good vintage condition with some light wear. This skirt has been dry cleaned so it is ready to wear. There is some light yellowing to the fabric on the left side of the skirt and at the very top edge of the waistband (hard to see due to the grey fabric but look at the closeup). There is one pin-sized hole in the fabric on the front of the skirt (again not too noticeable because it's so small).

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