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Antique Victorian 10k Rose Gold Locket Necklace

Antique Victorian 10k Rose Gold Locket Necklace

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Antique Victorian 10K rose gold locket necklace on a gold filled antique watch fob chain. Lockets were beautifully made during the Victorian era, usually made of solid gold, diamonds, or engravings. This lovely and original locket dates from the late 1800s to early 1900s and features its original 10k stamp. The front of the locket features a bold Coat of Arms design which is surrounded by leaves and yellow chrysanthemum flowers. During the Victorian era, the Chrysanthemum flower signified Love in jewelry.

Push in the locket's unique and functional clasp and pull open to find two glass covered frames. Easily remove these and place in your own special photos.

Locket falls and fits in the center of your collar bone
Locket pendant is a square that measures 1/2"x1/2"
Necklace drop is 7 3/4"  
Chain length is 15"

Condition: Very good vintage condition showing normal wear for the item's age. Small scratches to front, two scratches to back that faintly read "S + L". Locket, interior glass frames, and chain are all original.

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