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Vintage 1940s

1940s Red Japanese Silk Robe with Edo Period Block Print

1940s Red Japanese Silk Robe with Edo Period Block Print

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Vintage 1940s 100% silk robe featuring an Edo period floral block print. The Edo period (1615–1868) in Japan was the emergence of a new group of sophisticated art lovers, the townspeople, called chonin (“people of the blocks”). This group included merchants and artisans, many of whom prospered in the booming economy that led to an increased demand for luxury goods. Through mass-produced woodblock prints, inexpensive art works were for the first time available to everyone.
This stunning red silk robe is a beautiful example of this booming art period in Japanese history.

Made of a lightweight red silk, this robe comes fully lined in a beautiful and contrasting white satin. The block print features several flowers throughout: roses, chrysanthemums, and more. Very wearable- this beautiful collector's piece is perfect for reminding yourself of the period that marked the artist as individual, as the genius creator in Japan: the Edo period.

Size: Small/Medium

Era: 1940s

Fabric: 100% Pure Silk

Condition: Excellent vintage condition. No stains or holes. Very wearable. Clean and pressed.
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